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My Office, My Desk, My Website

My name is Dog,  Sam Dog. I’m a PI, almost. I have to solve 3 cases before I can get my private investigator’s permanent license. I’ve done #1, so #2 and #3 to go.

When I graduated from the Peep School of Private Investigation and Vocal Training, I found an office. Then I found a desk. Then I got my first case. Now I have a website. This is it, if you hadn’t guessed.

How many Dogs do you know with their own website? I don’t know any, but I’ve never seen a website either.

My Diary

This is the first page in my diary. It is the place where  I can keep all my thoughts and the information I collect. In Case #1, I found out there is a lot of stuff for a PI to remember, even one with a highly trained razor-sharp memory like mine.

As a Dog, I know how to hunt, but not to keep track of things. By the time I finished my first case, The Case of The Cat With the Wrong Name, I had note cards in all my pockets, all over my desk, and on the floor.

I probably dropped some on the street, but don’t tell anyone. I’m just telling you so you’ll know why I was ready to listen to anyone who said there was a better way.

The Toy Poodle

This Toy Poodle I met at the gym said, “You can put all that stuff  in the Clouds. No one uses paper anymore.” I didn’t know exactly how she was going to organize anything up in the sky, but I didn’t say so because she was really cute. Even even I know I not to tell cute Poodle  I never used anything but paper.

Since I know Toy Poodles are very smart, I said, “Sure,” even though I had no idea what she was talking about. She said she would only charge me 50 cents to help me until I got famous and made as much money as she did. Then it would be more.

She didn’t say how much more. I guessed when I was rich and famous, it wouldn’t matter.  It wouldn’t be long anyway.

My Tablet

First thing Monday morning, she called and said she had a tablet for me. A tablet? A tablet is paper. She wants me to put a tablet in the sky? Who is she kidding?

She arrived and put a something on my desk that looked like a thin book with a mirror for a cover. A couple of buttons on the side.

“I set up website for you this weekend  All you have to do is sign in and type whatever you want,” she said.

I was about to ask where I was supposed to type, when she touched the screen. It lit up like a movie. She touched a little arrow and a picture of a keyboard appeared. I gulped and my ears trembled. She didn’t even look up. She was playing with the glass tablet and writing things. She started telling me how to do this and how to do that. It sounded like it must be incredible but I had no idea what she was talking about. It was quickly getting worse instead of better.

Swissa Piccola TypewriterHow could this replace my typewriter? How could I replace my typewriter? I had an attachment to it even if it is second-hand and a couple of keys stick.


The Toy Poodle said be careful. I have to type my password to see what’s in the Clouds. No one else can read it unless they have the password. If I lost the password, I would lose all my information.

“I just hope I can remember what it is,” I said.

She said, “.Write it down.”

I did but she wouldn’t let me stick it to the tablet, not even on the back. And she said it couldn’t sit on my desk.

“Hide it,” she said. “You will have personal and secret  information stored so you have to protect it.”

In the Clouds?

I put the password in my bottom drawer but I think I might remember it. “Priscilla.”

Giving It a Try

When the Toy Poodle left she gave me a book that must have had 20 pages in it, and she said everything I told you is in here. And she left.

All I could remember was that the Toy Poodle said I could search for things more easily in the Clouds. Searching my pockets or the office floor was taking a lot of time so I decided to give it a try. The tablet was still on my desk. I just looked at it,  and the mirror went black.  Everything was gone.

Trusting a Toy Poodle I just met probably wasn’t the best idea even if she did bat her eyelashes. 
Sam Dog, PI

Secret Case Files of a Real PI (to be)