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The Peep Lessons

These are the Peep Lessons that I had to memorize in the Peep School of Private Investigation and Vocal Training. It was run by three Canaries who were switching over from music to training private investigators. What did they know about it ? I had no idea what they knew about music either. I just needed the piece of paper—the certificate.

Anyway, we were supposed to learn one lesson a week but the Canaries doubled up on us so we had to learn TWO a week. It was tough but no one let on. PI’s are like that—almost PI’s.

Peep School of Investigation & Vocal Training

Certified Training by the Three Canaries

Location available to enrolled students only.
If you can’t find our telephone number, you aren’t talented enough to bother.

The 10 Peep Lessons (Plus Two More)

    1.    Stop, look, and listen.
    2.    Think and investigate.
    3.    Don’t believe everything you hear.
    4.    Don’t believe your client either.
    5.    Double check twice.    
    6.    Make a plan and write it down.
    7.    Write everything down..
    8.    Tell the truth (mostly).
    9.    Follow the rules (when you can).
    10.  Don’t panic.
    1 1.  Get the money up front.
    12.   Don’t give it back.

If you pass the Introduction to Private Investigation Course AND complete three cases to our satisfaction, the Advanced Courses are Available at a Discount.