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PI Secrets I have learned from being a PI or talking to PIs. These are not secret and you may practice them and share them with others.

Tailing a Suspect : Bring Different Hats

So I think I should start sharing some secrets since you are here reading. I’m not very experienced at taking people but sometimes I practice by just picking someone and following them. This is what I’ve learned.

When you are tailing a suspect take along different hats. I learned this from the Canaries at the Peep School. A red hat is very obvious so wear it at first. Then later switch to a black hat. Then no hat.

That way you will always look like a different person and no one will notice you.

Warning: Tailing a Suspect With No Hats Around

But if no one wears hats, this won’t work. It will probably only work in the winter when everyone wears hats. Or almost everyone.

In the summer you will have to have a  different idea.

Sam Dog, PI

PS: Also wear a trench coat with lots of pockets for disguises and things.