Leroy Rabbit, the Rock Star

Leroy RabbitThis morning Leroy Rabbit, the Rock Star reappeared. He had on his old costume again—the one with the silver sequins and the purple cape. He was doing illustrations for my book. His telephone was ringing on and on and on.

I asked him why he didn’t answer it.

He said it was his band begging him to come back. He was too busy to answer it. Anyway, he didn’t want to.

I asked him to turn it off.

He said he didn’t want to. He liked hearing them be sorry.

Hard to believe the band wanted Leroy back since he forgot to go to that famous concert. The audience walked out and demanded their money back. The theater didn’t tell them Leroy wouldn’t be there. How they could since they didn’t know he was home sleeping .

I’m not sure I would be happy if Leroy went back to being a Rock Star or not. He’s pushy about his new artwork, but he is getting good at it. My book will look better since  I let him have a go at two or three illustrations.

But why did he put his costume again?  Maybe he’s just using up his old clothes or  trying to get back into a flashy mood.

Signed, Sam Dog, PI (to be)

(Leroy Rabbit was introduced in #1: The Case of the Cat with the Wrong Name.)

Secret Case Files of a Real PI (to be)