Case #1: The Cat with the Wrong Name for Subscribers

This is a special page for subscribers who subscribed before I offered Case #1 free. You are special because you subscribed right away, while I was still investigating and had nothing to show you.

For Your Eyes Only

Remember this is a confidential file for your eyes only.  I don’t want to expose my client’s identity or to embarrass her friends. Or mine. And particularly my silent partner. In this file, my first ever case as a PI, you will learn all about me, my silent partner, my office, and my friends. And unfortunately, about the Police Bears. And Cats named Priscilla.

I think the story would be interesting to just about anyone but particularly anyone who enjoys reading chapter books. I have friends are grown-ups and they enjoy it too. And there will be more confidential case files so you should get started reading now.

And remember don’t share it with anyone. It’s only for you.


This file is a “PDF”  that you can download and read on a computer, an iPad, and other things that read computer files.

When you finish, or even in the middle of reading, don’t forget to let me know what you think. It will help me become a better PI. It’s hard work and you can help.

Secret Case Files of a Real PI (to be)