Essence, Definition

Essence is a noun, the name of a thing and that “thing” can be a feeling, a color, activity, and whatever.
1. The real thing. The essence is the unique importance of something.
“Vanilla  is the very essence of ice cream.” (Unless you like chocolate, or strawberry.)
A bottle of perfume made from the essence of roses.
A bottle of perfume made from the essence of roses.

2. Essence can  be something squeezed out of a plant, like an oil that makes perfume, It has a special smell or is good for medicine.  (Usually something else has to be done with it first, like cooking or mixing it with the essence of something else..

“A honeybee uses sweet nectar, the essence of a flower, to make honey.”.
3. Something that that someone has thought about for a long time so they can tell you about it in a short way. The essence is the  most important meaning told in a  short way. It isn’t just an on-and-on description so you get tired of listening or reading, and are not sure what it means at the end of it.
“The essence of playing Frisbee is throwing and catching the Frisbee.”

No Essence

Leroy Rabbit said my website had no essence.